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Broad City


Broad City is an American sitcom that premiered on Comedy Central in 2014. Created by Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, who also star as the show’s leading ladies, the show was originally created as a web series. The web series was produced from 2009 until 2011 with the show’s executive producer Amy Poehler guest starring in the web series’ finale. The television adaption focuses around two twenty year old women living in New York City and the struggles they face. In 2015, it was renewed for a third season.

The show follows Ilana and Abbi, two Jewish feminist women living in New York City. While Abbi tries to make a career as an illustrator, Ilana everything in her power to avoid working, constantly pursuing her hedonism. Unfortunately for Abbi, she usually gets wrapped up in Ilana’s shenanigans.

Ilana is a self-absorbed marijuana enthusiast typically oblivious to how others perceive her. Though she works for a sales company, she does everything in her power to avoid doing as much work as possible. She’s more a professional slacker than a professional salesperson. As compared to Abbi, Ilana is more sexually expressive and free-spirited, though she’s usually dragging the unknowing Abbi into her adventures.

Abbi is older than Ilana and works as a custodian at a fitness center. Although she hates her job and feels she’s at least qualified to be a trainer, she constantly misses chances to prove herself worthy of more responsibility. A struggling artist, Abbi is considers leaving her job at the fitness center and pursuing her dream fulltime. Wanting to be more like Ilana, Abbi tries to find a comfortable balance between being self-sufficient and free-spirited.

Overall, Broad City has received generally positive reviews. While receiving a Metacritic rating of 75 out of 100 based on 14 reviews, Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a 96% Certified Fresh approval rating. The consensus was, “From its talented producers to its clever writing and superb leads, Broad City boasts an uncommonly fine pedigree.”

Although Broad City   isn’t particularly new in its design, it does bring something new to the table of women in television. It’s an honest show that isn’t concerned with the cattiness between women, but instead focuses on genuine camaraderie between the two stars of the show. It’s unpretentious, and does focus on the typical “women” behaviors so commonly represented in television in media across America. Instead, the show focuses on friendship and the universal struggle that twenty-somethings face in the light of newly discovered responsibility and a yearning desire to make something of one’s self.

Abbi Johnson and Ilana Glazer have commented on Broad City, saying that the show represents a time before responsibility and money came into play. It was a simpler time for them, before the weight of adulthood rested on their shoulders. It was a time of self-discovery and introspection, a time of learning about the world in a very real, very unique way—by living. Their television representations are, according to Glazer, only about 15% exaggeration.

Amy Poehler, the show’s executive producer said, “There’s something about them that’s really watchable and organic and interesting. There aren’t enough like them on TV: confident, sexually active, self-effacing women, girlfriends who love each other the most.”  You can find more TV & online entertainment options at

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Miley Cyrus VMA Performance September 10, 2013 at 5:15 pm

The 2013 VMAs will forever remain a tribute to foam fingers and twerking. However, while the world was talking and sharing snickers online, Miley Cyrus was sitting back and taking it all in. Apparently, she knew there would be a stir, to put it mildly, and had actually planned it that way.

In a recent interview, Miley explained that, before the performance, she told Robin Thicke that they were about to make history. She also said that she finds it amazing that, even after the event, people are still talking about her performance with Thicke.

Cyrus says people are still asking her about her performance. She said that other people are putting more thought into her performance than she did. She said she put no thought into the performance before she did it because that’s just her.

While her performance has been called a number of things, well-thought out is not one of them. But, as Miley put it, she isn’t paying attention to the negative publicity that was garnered from the performance. She says she has seen these kind of situations play out so many times before. She named Madonna and Britney as examples in point, in which performers and artists make history by putting on a show that is talked about for years after the event. She said that is the kind of publicity that an artist wants- the kind that makes history.

Her performance may have made history but there are is now talk about how it caused a fight, and ultimately, a break up between her and Liam Hemsworth, her fiance. There are rumors that those surrounding Hemsworth are telling him to break it off with Miley permanently for the sake of his career and his public image. Only time will tell if the rumors are true. Find out more at right now.

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With quality viewing options and a reliable Advanced Optics Network, Time Warner Cable can provide your home with everything your family needs for home entertainment and telecommunications.

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These devices can record from multiple channels at one time, or play back recorded  shows while they record more. The DVR and HD-DVR allow viewers to rewind, pause and fast forward through programming, so families get the scenes they want, when they want them. They can even pause to pick these shows back up later. Just click over to this site for more info about Time Warner Cable Package Deals in your area.

The Digital Video Recorder functions can be used with On Demand programming so that any show, movie, sports program or children’s show can be controlled to watch all of the interesting parts again.

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Dish Network Satellite Television has more to offer with less of a monthly expense to you. Dish TV offers children’s programming, sports, movies and tons of shows that can give you a wide variety of entertainment to choose from.

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Dish offers Dish Anywhere, a remote access service so that you can sit at home and watch your new movie releases from On Demand or you can sit at work on your lunch break and watch them. Dish Anywhere provides remote access to all of your television channels, your On Demand selections, your Blockbuster@Home package and more.

You can access all of your home television programming from up to four different television sets in your home with the Hopper, an HD-DVR that can skip commercials, help you find your remote when you lose it and automatically record primetime programming. The Hopper has enough storage for up to 250 of HD programming or as much as 2,000 hours of standard definition.  Find out more about Dish Network TV at

That’s more than enough room for everyone in the house to record and store their programming. The Hopper even lays the sports scores out for you so you don’t have to channel surf. With the Hopper, you can even sit on the couch in the living room and check to see what your children are watching in their rooms.

It is a great tool that can be used with a great service. Dishnet TV even offers bundled services for discounts and extra savings.

Star Trek Movies and TV Series July 1, 2013 at 7:27 pm

Star Trek Movies and TV Series

Star Trek Movies and TV Series

Star Trek Movies and TV Series
Click on the above image to see a larger version.

It’s amazing at the number of Star Trek Series, Movies, and Episodes there have been. This Star Trek Movie and TV Series Episode guide will help guide you through all of them!

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Chiropractors in Asheville NC


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Advances in TV Technology August 30, 2012 at 5:53 pm

TV has come a long way since the first set received a static-filled and scratchy sounding broadcast in the last century.

When 3D viewing first debuted it was on the big screen and required special glasses. Now, it’s come to the home and does not require the glasses. All the major TV makers are offering 3D capable TV sets and more and more broadcasters are offering 3D programming.

Combined with a good home stereo system for sound, a large 3D TV can provide a view experience just like being in movie theater.

3D TV is most common in the United States with Poland coming in a close second. Most of the 3D broadcasts are available only in some countries. HIGH TV 3D and WildEarth are available worldwide.

3D TV started in the 80s, but was the traditional type which required glasses to properly see it. 3D without the need for glasses started in 2010. Sports broadcasts dominated the first offerings and continue to be the major users of 3D TV technology. (more…)

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Ordering High-Speed Internet Service from Comcast is great because you are able to pick out the perfect online package for your needs. Whatever speed you get, you will not be disappointed with your surfing abilities. Instantaneous page uploads guarantee the fastest searches, research, and finding of entertainment there is. With High-Speed Internet you can play the most advanced online games without being inhibited by poor graphics or lag.

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