Let’s face it. The world is a smaller place than it once was. Back in the 1800’s, weeks were required to get communications from one country to another. Mail had to go across the country on horseback or via trains, then when it got to a port, a ship had to then carry it across the ocean where it had to go by horseback or by train to reach its destination. Even in the 20th century, the only real changes were the inclusion of trucks and airplanes which meant it was faster, but still a time consuming process.

The introduction of the telephone made communication instantaneous, but expensive. Even as technology grew, and the outlay for infrastructure was compensated for, communications around the world got faster and more reliable. But even though the world was getting smaller, it was still a huge place.

Today, however, with the internet and email and IP telephony, the world has shrunk considerably. No more does it take days or weeks to get a communication from the United States to China, or from London to California. And with Comcast internet, it’s faster than ever.

Comcast standard internet speeds run up to 6 megabits per second. Hundreds of times faster than dial up. Faster than DSL. Even faster than other cable companies. This means that files move faster, websites load faster, streaming movies and audio is flicker free and smooth, and even huge files are delivered within minutes with Comcast’s PowerBoost feature.

And with Comcast’s Direct Voice telephone service, no longer is making a phone call prohibitively expensive. For one low monthly fee, not only do you get all kinds of calling features that other companies charge extra for, like Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and Call Waiting with Caller ID, but you also get voice mail and a lot more calling features as well. But the best part is, you get totally unlimited local and long distance calls within the United States and outlying territories. All at no extra charge.

Even Comcast Cable has channels specifically geared toward Spanish speaking audiences, and even more channels catering to multicultural interests. Not only is Comcast serving a growing segment of the population with these channels, but they also help teach English speaking people other languages as well.

Yes, the world is still a big place when it comes to travel, but with channels like the Travel channel, National Geographic and Discovery, exploring these fascinating places is as easy as flipping channels with your remote. And with the Science channel and Weather channel, it is also that easy to explore the ocean floor and see what kinds of weather are affecting our world. All from the comfort of your living room couch.

Even though the world is a big place to physically go around, by taking advantage of all the powerful services Comcast has to offer brings the history, the splendor and all of the cultural interest right into your home.