The threat of a double elimination was hanging over the contestants’ heads this week as they had to perform two full dances, an individual ballroom and a first time ever trio routine.  Only one week away from the semi finals and the tears and fears were popping out all over the place.

William and Cheryl led the pack in performance night week eight, but you could stick this Cuban in a tight outfit and you would come close to a 10 every time. As Cheryl brought in Tony Dovolani to challenge William to perform at professional level, it worked. The trio received a perfect 10-10-10.

Roshon’s grandmothers were there for some added support for the results show. They thought he and Chelsie were magnificent and they cheered him on from the audience. Earning a 29 for the dance was encouraging, but will the fan vote be enough to see them to the end? Chelsie’s idea to use Sasha from the Troupe was to encourage Roshon to up his game and it did.  The two earned a 56 total, but need the fans to keep them in it.

Donald and Peta glide to first place with their Tango as they pulled a 27 from the judges.  Pulling in Karina for the trio dance it was “well done.” For a 28 in their trio Tango the team garnered 55 total for the night.

Katherine and Mark’s Viennese Waltz brought the house down and also the scores to a 26 much to everyone’s surprise, but things got better as Tristan stepped up their game in a trio Cha-Cha that earned them 29 and a nightly total of 55.

Derek was pushing Maria for more as the tough week paid a toll on emotions. Their Viennese Waltz only gained them 28 in the duo.  The trio dance was also a let down when the judges pounded them with a 25 as Henry merged with them to perform their Samba. 55 won’t cut it unless the fans get the votes out.

Melissa and Maks have hung by a thread and still do with a Foxtrot and a couple of slip-ups.  The real winner here was Melissa as she was the icing on the duo cake of Maks and Val in a 27 point Samba for their trio performance.

Getting on to the results, it is revealed that the first couple leaving in the double elimination was Roshon and Chelsie.  Just seems he could not connect with the fans as they exit with Chris Brown performing live. A tribute to Dick Clark was also introduced.

Continuing with the elimination process, Maria and Derek are safe and Melissa and Maks are in jeopardy meaning Katherine and Mark will be going to the semi finals. Melissa can’t hold back the tears as she bids her farewells. It was a rough night of eliminations.

Tune in on Monday night on ABC at 8/7c for the semi-finals of “Dancing With The Stars.”