Free online dating sites offer free services to help people find friends and lasting relationships of a more personal nature. These sites save money that can be better spent somewhere else while allowing people to get the personal connections they want. These sites allow like-minded people all over the country, or world, to get together online for chatting, networking or dating. They are especially helpful for people with busy demands on their schedules that do not really have the time to go out to meet new people.

Free online dating sites help people avoid the sometimes awkward or dangerous situations that people can find themselves in on a date. Other than the obvious advantage of not having to pay for the service, other benefits include controlled anonymity, taking things at a comfortable pace and the added protection that online services offer. No one has to know personal details about someone else until that individual is comfortable revealing more. Subscribers can get online and meet people from all over the world with no pressure to disclose income, family size, ethnicity or other revealing information.

The personal information that is required at sign up varies, but in general, it consists of an email for communication purposes from interested parties and the website itself, a user name and password. Some sites will ask for more information at sign up like the subscriber’s zip code for matching potential mates in that specific area, gender, preferred gender for mates, information on smoking, marital status, taste in music and other generalized information.  Some sites will ask for a brief description of personal interests or goals, as well, and most sites will ask for a photo.

When the account is set up, the questions get more detailed to come up with a profile for compatibility. Some sites offer compatibility tests or questions that help sort through and weed out persons that are not compatible. These questions expedite finding people of like interests and goals in life. These services are great for finding friends as well as potential mates. Most sites will also offer forums and a place to blog. These are great tools for communicating and breaking the ice, or reading about other users and getting to know them better.

There are many good free online dating sites with good reviews. Potential subscribers should be careful to stay away from sites that allow a lot of spam, since these sites can be targeted by online predators and con artists. As with any other form of online communication, personal information such as street addresses, personal phone numbers and banking information should be kept private.

Free online dating sites are a great place to start when looking for the “right one”, offering a protected environment to do it in, with no charge to the user. For the individuals that are shy or find it hard to converse with new people, a free online dating site might be the answer to the question, “What do we talk about?” These free online dating communities offer instant access and approval in a larger forum than the local bar or singles club can, at no cost to the subscriber at all.