In this episode of Cougar Town, Jules is reducing the wedding guest list to 80 people, well, within 50 or 60 of that. Grayson would rather have a small crowd on their big day. The G-Man is not a lover of lots of people around all the time, but that is a hard bargain to drive with the Cul-De-Sac crew always around. Grayson gets mad and punches a hole in the wall, which causes Jules to drag him to the bedroom without anyone else around, which doesn’t happen either.


Meanwhile, Travis thinks that the rules Bobby created for Penny Can is to try to save a game that is past it’s time. He tries to make his dad and Andy feel better about losing the game, but nothing works until he tells Bobby that it is not just a game, but a father–son bonding tool. This makes Andy very proud and Penny Can is back on!

For the bachelorette party, Jules wants to wear a tiara as she has her friends explain Groundhog Day to her. This turns out okay, but Jules is having a decent time as long as Big Lou is filled with wine at all time.  Things turn south when Grayson lets Laurie know that Jules really wanted Ellie to be her maid of honor.

Now the gang wants Jules to take responsibility for the mess she has made so they decide to pull a Groundhog Day on her until Jules gets it right. Jules finally gets it and eventually tells Laurie how sorry she is for hurting her.

Next Jules apologizes to Grayson as he wants to ditch all the big wedding plans and elope. Surprisingly, Jules is totally bummed with getting married in Napa anyway after all that has happened and decides to take Grayson up on the idea.  It will be just them, and the Cul-De-Sac crew of course. Although that is not exactly what Grayson had in mind, he does understand that marrying Jules means marrying everyone.


There’s a lot of things going on in Napa besides the wedding.  Chick made the journey to preside over the wedding and needs to figure out how he will keep from breaking down at the ceremony. Travis is turning 21 and Laurie wants him to be her wedding date. They almost share a kiss when Wade walks in. How can it be that he was about to finally kiss the girl of his dreams when the soldier she’s been having Skype sex with walks in?

Daniel, the hotel concierge, has a crush on Ellie and she likes him too. That’s the reason Jules wants her to have Daniel figure out a way to get Grayson’s daughter to the wedding, but he is arrested for attempted kidnapping before he is able drag Tampa Jill onto the plane.

Travis is celebrating being in wine country and gets totally wasted as he tells Laurie how he feels about her in front of everybody. The problem is, he was totally naked when he does it. Meanwhile, Jules decides to postpone the wedding until the original date so Grayson’s daughter can attend. They all head back to Florida as Travis remembers his embarrassing admission of his love for Laurie.


At last, Jules and Grayson decide to have a spur of the moment beach wedding even though it is not legal to do so in the town. The entire Cul De-Sac crew is up for the challenge to help pull it off. They all pitch in but are spotted by the cops. They hurry and exchange the vows and Jules gets her dream wedding as she and Grayson take off on their honeymoon.