The Hecks have been invited to a wedding. To be more specific, they were invited to host a wedding. Mike’s brother, Rusty, has decided to get married. From the information on the wedding invitation, the ceremony is scheduled to be held at their house.  Frankie is beside herself when she sees this as she will only have one week to get the house in order to host a wedding. That is a huge problem.

Mike tells Frankie that he does not want her to get all bent out of shape over this wedding, but she does not want everybody else to see how they actually live. Frankie puts Sue and Brad in charge of the cake and tells them to put a new light bulb on the front porch. As for the rest of the house, she knows that there is just no way it will be ready in time for the wedding as the wall paper is even peeling in the living room.

Meanwhile, Brick is upset that the wedding is happening on the same day that there is a big party being thrown by a hot chick named Haley. There’s even supposed to be a bookmobile at the party. While he planned to skip the wedding, those plans were shot down by his parents. He is determined to stop speaking to them for life as he spews out his final word to them.

Axl and his buddies come up with the idea to be their own bosses for the summer jobs as they decide to start their own business. The company will be called Boss Co. They get their first business which is to remove a humongous tree stump from a neighbor’s front lawn. Since their inexperience leaves them without a clue as to how to do this, the stump won’t budge an inch.

Mike has learned that Rusty’s fiancée has some teenage kids. He is upset with his brother as he acts like he knows how to be a father all of a sudden. About the cake, Sue is smart enough to know that the hamburger cake that the bakery lady is trying to sell her will not work for the wedding so she insists on getting a new one. When she returns, she is aggravated because all Frankie seems to want to focus on is the fact that she forgot to get a light bulb for the front porch.

It’s time for the wedding guests to arrive at any minute and the house is a mess. Sue is in tears and Frankie is in a panic.  Mike tells them that he is sure everything will be fine until all at once Axl runs his car all over the front yard as he tries another stump removal effort that goes terribly wrong.

Meanwhile, the wedding continues in the backyard as Rusty marries his new love in front of friends and family. Mike serves as his brother’s best man and is asked to give a speech during the reception. As he grabs the mic, he hands off one of his beers and begins what seems to be a dark road speech about the hardships of being a family, but it is really about the rewards that it offers. Later Frankie and Mike look around at the people they love as they dance the night away, realizing that they have made their house a home and that’s all that matters.