The 2013 VMAs will forever remain a tribute to foam fingers and twerking. However, while the world was talking and sharing snickers online, Miley Cyrus was sitting back and taking it all in. Apparently, she knew there would be a stir, to put it mildly, and had actually planned it that way.

In a recent interview, Miley explained that, before the performance, she told Robin Thicke that they were about to make history. She also said that she finds it amazing that, even after the event, people are still talking about her performance with Thicke.




Cyrus says people are still asking her about her performance. She said that other people are putting more thought into her performance than she did. She said she put no thought into the performance before she did it because that’s just her.

While her performance has been called a number of things, well-thought out is not one of them. But, as Miley put it, she isn’t paying attention to the negative publicity that was garnered from the performance. She says she has seen these kind of situations play out so many times before. She named Madonna and Britney as examples in point, in which performers and artists make history by putting on a show that is talked about for years after the event. She said that is the kind of publicity that an artist wants- the kind that makes history.


Her performance may have made history but there are is now talk about how it caused a fight, and ultimately, a break up between her and Liam Hemsworth, her fiance. There are rumors that those surrounding Hemsworth are telling him to break it off with Miley permanently for the sake of his career and his public image. Only time will tell if the rumors are true. Find out more at right now.