This Week George Meets Eden As “Suburgatory” Enters Episode 19

The show begins with George meeting a gorgeous lady whose name is Eden as she offers him an apple at the local Farmer’s Market. The two move over to a drink table where only naturally-made beverages are served. Normally George would not indulge in such a thing, but he really would like to impress Eden so he sips on the smoothie.  He soon realizes that he is allergic to one of the ingredients in the drink and insists that someone call him an ambulance.

His new acquaintance, Eden, accompanies George to the hospital as they both keep on flirting excessively. As George is wheeled down the hallway, the two kiss as they agree to having another date with each other.  While George is excited about sharing the news about his new woman, Noah tops his announcement by telling everyone that he and Jill are having a baby. The two couples decide to make it a double date plan in order to celebrate all the good news. However, George finds out that Jill is not really pregnant because she and Noah are going to use a surrogate mother to get their child. Continue reading “This Week George Meets Eden As “Suburgatory” Enters Episode 19”

If Kanye West is a Jealous Man, Kim Kardashian is in Trouble

Here’s hoping Kanye is not a jealous man since the 34 year old rapper’s main squeeze let England’s Alan Carr cop a feel of her big fanny on his show last week.

Host Alan Carr tells Kim that he would love a buttocks like hers.  He said if he had a buttocks like Kim’s, he would walk in a room backwards. Kim is honored that people would say that she has the best bum in the world.

According to Kardashian, she admits it is weird to imagine yourself like that, but the reality star says she does work out all the time.  She also adds that she thinks it is an American thing and it runs in her family that they are all really curvy.  She says she is thankful her roots gave her a big butt. Continue reading “If Kanye West is a Jealous Man, Kim Kardashian is in Trouble”

Flashback to Legacy as “Revenge” Nears Finale

Pinpointing what caused Emily to focus on her “Revenge”, the show begins with a flashback to 2002 when she was a party girl that always seemed to get into trouble.  Nolan picks her up after a fight she had in a bar. Nolan had given Emily (then Amanda) her father’s journals six months prior, but she had obviously not read them.

Conrad, Victoria and Frank are dealing with the treat of someone exposing the truth about David Clarke as they invite all the possible suspects of the writing the threat note to an annual New Year’s Eve gala at Grayson Manor. Lots of old friends that fans recognize are on the list. Lydia and her husband, Michael are the first to arrive. They reveal they are trying to buy David’s old house, but the owners won’t sell.

As Emily stops by the Stowaway for a vodka, the lady at the bar tells her she is dating Jack Porter. When Emily finally does read the journals, she convinces Jack’s girlfriend to hook her up with a waitress gig at the Grayson New Year’s Eve event so she can find out the truth about her father. Continue reading “Flashback to Legacy as “Revenge” Nears Finale”

Networks Cancel Seasonal Programming to Host New Ones

ABC was the first to table the ordering of second seasons for GCB, Missing, The River, and Pan Am.  Right after the cancellation news, the TV giant ABC offered up new dramas for next season as Nashville, Zero Hour, Red Widow, Last Resort, and 666 Park Avenue. Along with the cancellations and new drama announcements, ABC plans to keep popular shows Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon A Time, Revenge, and Scandal.

A couple of bubble-riding shows are Private Practice and Body of Proof. ABC is in talks to air Private Practice for a 13-episode sixth and final season.

NBC is dropping the last ball as it cancels four of it’s series including Are You There Chelsea, Awake, Bent, and Best Friends Forever. More surprising than that, they are pulling the plug on one of their most viewed shows, Harry’s Law in it’s second season as an eye dropping series. The show draws 8.8 million viewers as its lead-in is The Voice, NBC’s leading singing contest. Continue reading “Networks Cancel Seasonal Programming to Host New Ones”

New Show Coming This Fall on ABC – “The Neighbors”

Highlighting a new ABC show for the fall, Marty of the Weaver family, hopes to provide a better life for his wife, Debbie, and their three children.  The couple recently bought a home in an upscale gated community which includes its own golf course.  Hidden Hills is an exclusive townhome subdivision community in New Jersey, so exclusive that none of the homes have been on the market in over 10 years.  As soon as one hit the market, the Weavers jumped at the chance to get such a wonderful place in a high end area.

From the very onset, it is clear that the residents of Hidden Hills are a little different than any other place the Weavers had lived.  For instance, all their new neighbors have pro athlete names like Reggie Jackson, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Dick Butkis, and Larry Bird.  As they sit down to their first dinner in their new home, Marty and his family notice that their neighbors receive nourishment through their eyes by reading books instead of eating. The Weavers soon learn that the entire community is filled with aliens from Zabvron, a place where men have the children and people cry green goo from their ears instead of clear tears from their eyes. What the heck? Continue reading “New Show Coming This Fall on ABC – “The Neighbors””

“Glee” Team Wins Nationals

The second episode of “Glee” was rather emotionless and seemed a bit too rushed.  The New Directions are off to Nationals and of course conflict and suspense are part of the mix.

During practice the students are having a hard time, arguing and not doing their bests…poor Mr. Schue.

Mercedes is concerned because she is sick and has to perform vocally.  Finn is in a bind because he wisely bet his honeymoon savings with Rachel on them winning Nationals.  And Jesse St. James returns and tries to prove his love for Rachel by putting in a good word for her to the NYADA judges…so sweet.

It is now crunch time and Mercedes miraculously feels better at the last minute and the performances go on without avail. Continue reading ““Glee” Team Wins Nationals”

ABC’s Daytime TV “General Hospital” Heats Up

This week is heating up with tempers flaring as the schemes and mistakes victimize the players. Johnny’s anger at Sonny’s constant retaliation allows him to give in to Connie’s solicitation of sex in order to destroy Kate and Sonny’s relationship. When Sonny sees his destroyed birthday cake he sets out to find Johnny, believing he has kidnapped Kate, only to find Johnny and Connie (he still thinks it is Kate) in bed together.

Ronnie almost catches Lulu while she is checking his schedule online as she believes he is a suspect. Ronnie later follows her without Lulu realizing she is being pursued. Dante gets a tip on an organ-selling back market ring going on at the hospital as Heather tells Olivia that Steve has just been arrested.

The episode continues as Jason and Sam decide to attend Sonny’s birthday party, which proves to be a mistake and Alexis accidentally confirms Jason’s suspicions that Sam is still talking to John McBain. Continue reading “ABC’s Daytime TV “General Hospital” Heats Up”

Celebrity Updates

Sharon Stone is Sued by Former Nanny

Call it frivolous or not, a former nanny employed by Sharon Stone filed a lawsuit against the actress Wednesday.  The lawsuit claims that the Oscar nominee constantly insulted her Filipino heritage and let her go because she found out that the nanny had been paid overtime.

The nanny, Erlinda T. Elemen, filed her harassment lawsuit blaming Stone with insults of her accent, her religion, and other aspects of her culture in the last months of her employment. She has worked for the actress for more than four years and was promoted to the head nanny position, which is a live-in position.

Elemen was terminated after Stone discovered that she has received overtime payments according to the lawsuit. More importantly, the suit also makes a claim that Stone, refused to allow Elemen to read her Bible in the actress’s home. Continue reading “Celebrity Updates”

Teresa is Finally Fired on “Celebrity Apprentice” But Vows to Be Back

Rumor has it that Teresa will be back on a later show to help out with a task, despite her being fired last week. Teresa tweeted to her fans that this was the case. Teresa may be smarter than people think! Teresa says she learned a lot on the show where the cat fights don’t really phase her.

The final five met at the Hearst Tower to find out what the task would be this week from Mr. Trump. They meet Editor in Chief of Elle and CEO of Farouk Systems, the marketers of products of Chi hair products. Chi has a brand new hair dryer that offers a touch screen and their task is to create a four page ad campaign as a promotion. They will be judged on the usual brand messaging, the print ad campaign, and the overall presentation of the pitch. To head up the teams as project managers this week, Lisa and Teresa step forward.

all stars celebrity apprentice

A weird moment happened at the task meeting as Farouk kept hitting on Aubrey O’Day prompting Trump to try and sell Aubrey to Farouk as his wife. Farouk jokes back and refers to her beauty, saying he would shower her with jewels and houses or something.

For team Unanimous, they return to the Penthouse as Farouk and the Elle lady show up to give the team some additional guidance on the project. Arsenio immediately notices and comments on Farouk’s pimpin’ red shoes that match the branding of the Chi product. It is also overly obvious that Farouk continues to hit on Aubrey in a shameless manor, with Aubrey offering her giddy acceptance to it in a most inviting manner, playing him to her advantage. Arsenio comments that men take to Aubrey and that he would also take to her if she wasn’t such a bitch. He wonders if her fake red hair is the attraction.

Ideas bounce after the executives get going, but as usual, Aubrey is driving the boat. She wants to pitch the ad campaign in the future of hair care with some sort of Buddhist meditation. She also wants no words on the ad and as usual, has a million ideas over and above the rest of the team.

janet jackson celebrity apprentice

As a twist this week, Trump sets the teams up to negotiate for their models for the pitch and add campaign. Aubrey has her head set on a red headed model (based on the perverted obsession of Farouk on her red hair), so she tells Teresa to get that in the model negotiations.  However, that is not an easy task as Lisa also wants a red-head based on Farouk’s hit on Aubrey and there is only one red-head in the model line up. Although Lisa and Clay could care less about the models, Lisa just tries to rattle Teresa in the negotiations for the red-head.

Lisa uses her normal bully approach to the negotiations and Teresa returns to get additional coaching from Aubrey although Lisa ends up getting her way since nobody can ever hold up to her unprofessional bullying. When Eric arrives, Aubrey and Arsenio make sure they let him know that Teresa dropped the ball.

Lisa and Clay decide to capture the Elle girl as the feature women whose outward appearance doesn’t reflect who they really are. They are sure they will be the winners, Lisa can’t fathom being a loser in her over-confident manner.

lil john celebrity apprentice

It is back to the boardroom as Arsenio and Aubrey give Teresa a bashing she could not withstand that resulted in her firing. Unfortunately, Lisa won the task and the $100,000 for her charity.

The last twist of the night was heavenly as the final four were returned to the boardroom after Lisa gloated over getting just one more good contestant fired. Two alums from “Celebrity Apprentice” came onboard to determine who the next person to go would be in a double elimination night, which the teams were not expecting. Finally, Lisa got the ax and was the pick to get fired due to her “coarse” behavior. It’s about time!

Only three players left.  Tune into NBC Sunday nights to see who will make it to the end as “Celebrity Apprentice” narrows down a winner for the season.

“The Walking Dead” Continues To Thrill


“The Walking Dead” on AMC took a lot of people by surprise. As one of the new fantasy shows in a serious of shows that has showcased supernatural beings, and as a program that showcased zombies, it didn’t look promising. It looked boring. However, season one blew the top off that preconception.

Now, entering into its third season, and fans of the show are waiting for episode one. They will have to continue waiting until October of 2012, unfortunately, but until then, they can keep up with show and any developments.

Speaking of misconceptions, the show was based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman. As with any other publication-to-TV series, fans of the comic weren’t so sure the show would measure up. It appears, however, that it has. Since these can be some of the toughest fans to please, it can only speak to the quality of production on the show.

As with the first two seasons, season three promises to deliver, while staying true to the comics. This is the season that such integral characters as Michonne and The Governor are to be introduced. Continue reading ““The Walking Dead” Continues To Thrill”