Imagine shopping the grocery store while a favorite TV Chef is explaining the ingredients needed to make their current recipe. Information is called up on demand and can be stopped and replayed easily. In January of 2010, Slingmedia announced a new line of receivers giving television providers the ability to provide their subscribers mobile television. Reactions have been positive.

The Slingbox revolution has begun and television as people know it has been changed forever. Slingmedia is not a new company; in 2004, it won an Academy Award for its new technology developments in media. Slingbox and Placeshifting technologies allow everyone to view television on their personal computers including Apple Mac’s and on mobile media such as smart phones.

The product Slingbox will most likely be new to many. Called Slingbox or Slingmedia, the Slingbox allows viewers to watch their favorite channels on a computer, TV or phone without having a physical receiver installed. Customers can login into the internet through any Internet ready media device and watch their chosen TV program anytime.

When tested, it was just a matter of logging onto the Internet to watch TV. The product works as if customers are watching TV through a traditional TV. Channels are viewed easily and it even has a menu guide to determine what to watch. The product works exactly as described and using a new technology called Placeshifting customers can now watch TV on any Internet accessible media device.

With the development of Slingbox by Slingmedia, anyone can enjoy television on the go. Slingmedia has made it a reality to view home television programming on the go. A truly mobile product, Slingbox with Placeshifting technologies allows viewers to enjoy television on a PC, Mac, laptop, or smart phone. Customers can view their favorite TV anywhere with Slingbox technologies. Programs are never missed and can be viewed anywhere there is Internet access.

The developers of Slingbox have demystified video and audio technologies using Placeshift. Placeshift has taken traditional television and has turned it into a media device transforming it into more than just television. Slingbox allows users to create categories of interest so that television is defined to suit the viewers taste. For example, fans of animation can build a category the stores cartoon television programs, while sports fans can categorize their favorite sports and teams to watch when it is convenient for them.

Slingmedia understands the need of consumers to access all their audio and video devices, including DVD, DVR, and even video cameras. Their Slingbox technology allows them to connect with their Dish Network box or satellite TV receiver in order to share these files.

With Placeshifting, customers take their viewing choices anywhere. Slingbox is the next evolutionary step in getting entertainment. Art, drama, comedy, music, sports can all be available to viewers without the need of sitting in front of the home television set. Sporting events, concerts, any television program is available anytime, all the time and anywhere when using Placeshift.

Customers can use their choices in entertainment when using Slingbox to entertain children during long trips or doctors waits. The best feature is that if viewers are too busy to view their program or are disrupted Placeshift has the program recorded so that customers can watch on their schedule and time. All they have to do is just Placeshift and record their program or event for later viewing.

Placeshifting could not be easier use with their program scheduler feature. Slingmedia has engineered a combination of technologies with the ability to enable customers to access their favorite mobile television programming easily. Slingmedia has used cutting edge hardware and software technologies to create a revolutionary box called the EchoStar tru2way which is the supporting equipment for Placeshifting and mobile television. When using Slingbox, customers are Slingloaded to access all licensed hardware or pay television operators. Once a customer is Slingloaded, they have all the tools they need to use Placeshift.

Viewers only need to hit ”play” on their mobile device of choice and their favorite movie, favorite TV program, CD, or personal media is available for them to view. Placeshift allows full access to any television programming viewed at home.

Channel surfing is dead when you have Placeshifting categorizing programs to the customers specific interest categories and watching television whenever and where ever is now possible with Slingbox and Placeshifting technology. The idea of recording a TV program has been around for a long time but now viewers can watch it anywhere and at a time of their choosing.