What is Colon Cleanse and Why Do You Need It?

ColonCleanse is a safe, natural and highly effective dietary supplement that is recommended by some of the world’s top health experts. This remarkable product has been shown to be an effective aid in the cleansing of the digestive system and as a valuable preventive measure against colon cancer. It also facilitates weight loss and the overall restoration and maintenance of optimum health. The health benefits of colon cleansing cannot be overestimated, though its importance is all too often overlooked.

How the Digestive System Works

For a better understanding of just why you need ColonCleanse, it will help to have some knowledge of how the digestive system works. The solid food we eat passes through a three stage process. In the first stage, the food is broken down by stomach acids. It then passes into the small intestine, where the now liquid mixture is broken down further and its nutrients are absorbed through the walls of the 22 foot long small intestine.

By the time your evening meal has reached the large intestine, its nutrients have been absorbed and are being processed via the liver. What is left is waste matter and it is the large intestine’s job to continue to process this waste matter. The large intestine can be thought of as a long, tubular muscle that pushes waste matter into the colon as it absorbs some of its remaining liquids.

In the colon, your food goes through its final stage of digestion. Here the liquids still in the waste matter are absorbed by the body before the solid waste is dispelled. Many important minerals are absorbed with the liquid matter and all that is left at the end of the journey should be waste that is ideally completely eliminated in a bowel movement. Continue reading “What is Colon Cleanse and Why Do You Need It?”