Slingmedia the future of Television

Imagine shopping the grocery store while a favorite TV Chef is explaining the ingredients needed to make their current recipe. Information is called up on demand and can be stopped and replayed easily. In January of 2010, Slingmedia announced a new line of receivers giving television providers the ability to provide their subscribers mobile television. Reactions have been positive.

The Slingbox revolution has begun and television as people know it has been changed forever. Slingmedia is not a new company; in 2004, it won an Academy Award for its new technology developments in media. Slingbox and Placeshifting technologies allow everyone to view television on their personal computers including Apple Mac’s and on mobile media such as smart phones.

The product Slingbox will most likely be new to many. Called Slingbox or Slingmedia, the Slingbox allows viewers to watch their favorite channels on a computer, TV or phone without having a physical receiver installed. Customers can login into the internet through any Internet ready media device and watch their chosen TV program anytime.

When tested, it was just a matter of logging onto the Internet to watch TV. The product works as if customers are watching TV through a traditional TV. Channels are viewed easily and it even has a menu guide to determine what to watch. The product works exactly as described and using a new technology called Placeshifting customers can now watch TV on any Internet accessible media device. Continue reading “Slingmedia the future of Television”