Think Choosing a Web Hosting Provider Isn’t Important? Think Again.

There is nothing more frustrating to an Internet user than trying to visit a site and find that is either unavailable, or is displaying one of the annoying “under construction” signs. Every business leader knows that maintaining a vibrant, up-to-date online presence is essential to succeeding in today’s global economy. A company’s website may be the first and last contact a potential client ever has with that business, and it’s important that it is online and functional at all times. Yet many people do not know how to begin or to maintain that first line of communication.

This is where a Web Hosting Provider comes in.

A Web Hosting Provider is essentially a company that provides computers (servers) that are always available to browsers on the Internet. They sell or lease space and software on these servers to clients who lack either the time or technical expertise needed to maintain a server of their own. Clients can then upload (save files) to the server, including webpages, documents and multimedia files. Additionally, they can use the available software packages to create dynamic, database-driven websites or virtual stores. Continue reading “Think Choosing a Web Hosting Provider Isn’t Important? Think Again.”