USA is embarking on a brave, new venture in its lineup for reality TV. It is going to show a positive, uplifting type of reality show, instead of the usual “there can only be one” type competitions that are being shown.

“The Moment” will be airing this fall, offering Kurt Warner, a Super Bowl MVP, as the backer for helping people to achieve dreams and goals they may have had to put aside to raise families. This show will help people find out if they really missed their calling, or if they were better off where they ended up.


It doesn’t matter what kind of job it was, Warner will help people with the means to get there. People can try their hand at deep sea diving, race car driving, or something a little more tame. Warner says he can relate, since he had to stock shelves while he waited for his chance to get into the NFL.

There are some critics that don’t think it will work. While there is no doubt that it could be heart-touching and very dramatic to see a person finally obtain his or her dream job, it may not always be something the audience can see. Therefore, the audience can not relate. How is that going to go over with viewers?

USA has a strategy in mind. It hopes to deal with the lack of visual aids by introducing its viewers to personalities they can relate to, and to people with stable personalities. People that are solid, and unmovable.


Heather Olander, the Senior Vice President of Alternative Programming for USA, said USA would be looking for real people that would have to overcome real problems. She concluded by saying that USA didn’t want to give viewers a prize simply for the sake of giving a prize.

Justin Hochberg, an executive producer for “The Moment” said that everyone has that moment in their life when they have to ask what if? He said that people rarely get a second chance at getting that moment back, but the format that has been created with this show has tapped into that emotion, and that it was powerful enough to attract Kurt Warner.

The show will follow Warner as he surprises someone to give them their second chance. This person will be someone nominated by a loved one, so that the person nominated can get a second chance at pursuing a dream that could take them into orchestra conducting, or other dreams and aspirations that might have gotten away from them in the past.


This will be Warner’s first attempt at hosting, and his first regular television show. Warner is known for leading the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl victory. He did this in the span of about 18 months, so he would be able to relate, sincerely with the people that get picked for his show. Maybe its that sincerity that his viewers will enjoy, a kind of real-life drama that is encouraging and uplifting.