ColonCleanse is a safe, natural and highly effective dietary supplement that is recommended by some of the world’s top health experts. This remarkable product has been shown to be an effective aid in the cleansing of the digestive system and as a valuable preventive measure against colon cancer. It also facilitates weight loss and the overall restoration and maintenance of optimum health. The health benefits of colon cleansing cannot be overestimated, though its importance is all too often overlooked.

How the Digestive System Works

For a better understanding of just why you need ColonCleanse, it will help to have some knowledge of how the digestive system works. The solid food we eat passes through a three stage process. In the first stage, the food is broken down by stomach acids. It then passes into the small intestine, where the now liquid mixture is broken down further and its nutrients are absorbed through the walls of the 22 foot long small intestine.

By the time your evening meal has reached the large intestine, its nutrients have been absorbed and are being processed via the liver. What is left is waste matter and it is the large intestine’s job to continue to process this waste matter. The large intestine can be thought of as a long, tubular muscle that pushes waste matter into the colon as it absorbs some of its remaining liquids.

In the colon, your food goes through its final stage of digestion. Here the liquids still in the waste matter are absorbed by the body before the solid waste is dispelled. Many important minerals are absorbed with the liquid matter and all that is left at the end of the journey should be waste that is ideally completely eliminated in a bowel movement.

The digestive system is a miracle of nature. It was not, however, designed for our modern fast food culture. There are toxins present in our everyday diet that our digestive system simply cannot remove on its own. They end up in the lower intestine and colon and actually build up in volume until they begin to do real damage to our health. The ultimate damage they do is to create colon cancer.

The Bad News About Our Intestinal Health

Colon cancer is now the third biggest cancer killer in the United States. It normally takes decades for conditions in the colon to reach that critical state when polyps turn into deadly cancerous cells. When it metastasizes, colon cancer strikes swiftly and mercilessly.

Long before the built up toxins in the colon do their ultimate damage, they wreak havoc on your health in other ways. Chronic fatigue, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, bloating and excess gas are just a few of the symptoms of an unhealthy colon. Others include irritable bowel syndrome, parasitic infections and a chronically protruding belly even in the absence of excessive belly fat.

The real tragedy of this is that the colon can so easily and naturally be cleansed, but so few people are aware of how important colon cleansing is. The makers of ColonCleanse are aware of its importance and have gone the extra mile to make their product restore your digestive system to its healthy, natural state. They are also fully aware of the causes of intestinal disorders and all the illnesses that a colon clogged and congested by toxic waste matter can directly and indirectly create.

Did you know that over half of the body’s immune system is centralized in the area of the digestive system? Unless the colon is toxin free, the immune system remains in a state of almost perpetual overload, fighting pollutants and toxins in the large intestine and colon. Nobody can quantify the ailments this kind of unnecessary and unnatural strain on the immune system is responsible for, but all experts agree that it must be a significant contributor to a variety of diseases, including cancer.

How Did We Get in This Terrible State of Health?

Most Americans have been eating processed foods for their entire lives. We have been doing so for over fifty years. Our parents raised us on processed convenience foods, junk foods and fast foods. For most of us that have not been educated otherwise, this kind of toxic food is “natural” to us. It is only recently that nutritionists and dieticians have raised the alarm and people have begun to listen.

Not long ago, a low budget documentary was released about a man who went on a pure junk food diet for a period of a couple of months. It is not our intention to single out a particular fast food outlet for criticism, so we won’t mention the name of the film or the product the man consumed. You may be aware of it anyway, though, because the film turned out to be one of the most talked about documentaries in decades. Viewers watched in horror as the once fit and healthy young man’s health deteriorated before their eyes, just because he cut all natural foods out of his diet and went on a strict junk food diet. In the end, he was forced to cut short his experiment because it was literally killing him.

Thankfully, most of us do eat a fairly balanced diet most of the time, but in a fast food culture like ours, it’s almost impossible to do so all of the time. The problem for all of us is that those fillers, additives, preservatives and other poisonous chemicals that are part and parcel of the packaged and fast food industries do not get flushed out of our system. Instead, they accumulate slowly and do their damage slowly. In effect, they sneak up on us from behind.

Now for the Good News!

The good news is that once we are made aware of the damage we have been doing to our bodies, we can do something about it. The even better news is that it is not that hard to repair the damage. There are some effective but radical treatments available, such as colonic irrigation, otherwise known as hydrotherapy or an enema. It would be hard to convince most people to take such extreme measures and they don’t need to, anyway. An easier and more effect colon cleansing treatment is ColonCleanse.

ColonCleanse is the most effective colon cleansing product on the market because it is made from all natural ingredients that have been proven to work. It is taken orally and has benefits for the entire digestive tract. The main active ingredients in ColonCleanse include the following:

Cascara Sagrada – Cascara Sagrada literally means “sacred bark” in Spanish. That is how highly regarded it has been by Native Americans for centuries. It has many benefits, including the facilitation of proper bowel movements and conditioning of the intestinal muscles.

Senna – Senna is the laxative component of ColonCleanse. Native to China, Pakistan and India, senna has been used therapeutically in Asia for centuries and is a very powerful laxative. ColonCleanse includes just enough of this ingredient for it to be able to do its job efficiently.

Fiber – ColonCleanse contains a mixture of natural dietary fiber, including prune, fig and Psyllium. As well as being rich in soluble dietary fiber, Psyllium has been shown to be a highly effective cholesterol fighter.

St. John’s Bread – St. John’s Bread is native to the Middle East, hence its name. Whether or not St. John made his bread out of it is open to question, but what is not questioned is this ingredient’s effectiveness as a laxative and demulcent. It is also said to attach to and deactivate toxins.

ColonCleanse has recently been made even better by the addition of Probiotics. There are two kinds of bacteria – “friendly” and “unfriendly. Friendly bacteria boost the immune system and contribute to a healthy digestive system. Probiotics is jam-packed with friendly bacteria.

ColonCleanse is FDA approved and manufactured in an FDA regulated laboratory. This is your assurance that the product the company advertises is exactly the product that you get and does what it says it does. ColonCleanse is so safe to use that after your initial cleanse, you can continue to use it regularly for the maintenance of your colon’s health.

One of the things that will probably amaze you when you undertake your first ColonCleanse cleansing is how much weight you may lose, almost overnight! It may even shock you to discover how many pounds of toxic waste matter were clogging your colon and lower intestine. You will also see your protruding belly reduce in size, simply because it is no longer bloated with waste matter!

Many thousands of users who have used ColonCleanse now swear by it. The company gets testimonials every day from people from all walks of life. Some have found it the most effective weight loss treatment they have ever used while others have found relief from serious long term health problems, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, one of the most intractable diseases there is.

There is almost nobody who won’t benefit from this product. Athletes, models, health professionals and fitness experts whose lives are devoted to maintaining optimum health use it regularly, as do thousands of others who have found an increased zest for life after their first ColonCleanse treatment. Why not try it yourself and join their ranks?